Nuriia Karakulova

Nuriia Karakulova is a young talented and knowledgeable professional having 5 years of experience in CVE projects. Nuriia joined Search for Common Ground — Kyrgyzstan in 2014 as an intern, and currently she is coordinating the countrywide project #JashStan: supporting the wave of youth peace leaders in Kyrgyzstan.

She has been deeply committed to and involved in the small initiatives of youth in preventing violent extremism in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Nuriia is one of the youth representative in Central Asia who has been deeply committed to the Youth Declaration on Youth, Peace and Security in Central Asia (#StanforPeace). This was inspired by the Amman Youth Forum on Youth, Peace and Security and the First Global Forum on Youth, and Countering Violent Extremism in New York.

Nuriia is a prominent young leader speaking out and taking active leadership roles throughout society to ensure youth play a central role in governance and decision making. As a young leader, she is making a difference in her community, campaigning for preventing violent extremism and peacebuilding. She holds her Bachelor Degree in International Relations (Specialization: Regional Conflict Prevention) from Kyrgyz National University and her Master’s in Political Science from the University of Lille2 in France.