Search for Common Ground works to prevent and end violent conflict before, during, and after a crisis. Search has a 33-year track record of equipping individuals and societies to find alternatives to violence. We strive to build sustainable peace for generations to come by working with all sides of a conflict, providing the tools needed to work together and find constructive solutions.


Our mission is to transform the way the world deals with conflict, away from adversarial approaches and toward cooperative solutions. Instead of tearing down an existing world, we focus on constructing a new one. We do this through a type of peacebuilding called “conflict transformation.” We shift everyday interactions between hostile groups of people, so they can work together to build up their community, choosing joint problem-solving over violent means.


We  work  in  39  countries  in  Africa, Asia,  Europe,  the  Middle  East,  and North America. SFCG office in Kyrgyzstan was opened in 2011, and now works on Central Asian level.


SFCG – Kyrgyzstan works on 3 main programs: Reducing violent extremism in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia; Promoting religious freedom through government and civil society collaboration; Peacebuilding in the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan.  Search works at all levels of society to build sustainable peace through three main avenues:

  • Dialogue+  Whether at the local or national level, we bring people together across dividing lines to discover and achieve shared goals.
  • Media+ Media reaches people in their daily lives. We use media to stir up thoughts and discussions across a whole society about the root causes of violence and how to overcome differences.
  • Community+ We provide a safe space for people to work out their conflicts at the local level. We bring divided communities together to discover their common humanity.


We work with all sides of a conflict and at every level of society, from top leaders to the grassroots.