Keneshbek Sainazarov

Mr. Keneshbek B. Sainazarov has been serving as Search for Common Ground’s Country Director for Kyrgyzstan since 2013 and the Central Asia Programs Director since 2015. In his role, Kenesh manages the Search programming related to conflict sensitive journalism, promoting freedom of religion, alternative narratives to recruitment, youth and women empowerment in Kyrgyzstan and preventing radicalization leading to violent extremism and Track II diplomacy portfolio in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan).

Before joining Search, Mr. Sainazarov has directed the implementation of large scale programs in the area of governance, democracy, youth empowerment, education policy, elections, voter education, disaster risk reduction and conflict mitigation with United Nations, USAID-funded organizations in Central Asia, and Caucasus.

Kenesh is a development professional leading multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural teams. He has also played an active role in a number of sector-wide policy review exercises in education, anti-corruption, youth policy, religious and security reforms, and published policy documents on them.

Originally from Pamirs of Tajikistan, Kenesh holds a B.A. from Osh State University of Kyrgyzstan, and M.P.A. from University of Colorado at Denver. Native Kyrgyz, and speaks English, Russian, and Uzbek.