Our core values

Conflict is a normal and solvable phenomenon

While conflict is inevitable, violence – not. The conflict is a product of human diversity and can be both positive and negative.

Conflict can be transformed

Помогая решению конкретных споров, наша цель должна заключаться в изменении восприятия того, как люди, общины и общество относятся к друг другу исходя от своих разных убеждений, к решению проблем в духе сотрудничества.

Search for common interests – is not the same thing as compromise

It is a way of finding a solution for the benefit of humanity, and humanity.

Peace is a process, not an event

Effective peace-building is a long-term process, and therefore avoids SFCG “parachute” approach to provide temporary assistance.

Humanity is growing interdependent and vulnerable

When some people will feel safer along with it will increase and the safety of the nation.

Since 2011 the organization has been working to promote a culture of tolerance and a joint resolution of problems in Kyrgyzstan. SFCG Representative in Kyrgyzstan intends to become a leader in the use of innovative media, dialogue and governance tools in the transformation of the conflict in Kyrgyzstan.

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