ПОНИМАНИЕ насильственного экстремизма

Violent extremism can be an extremely difficult issue to tackle, particularly when the government and moderate religious leaders lack the theological training, organization, and leadership skills needed to counter radical narratives. These groups can, however, serve as a positive alternative to more radical clerics if they demonstrate strong leadership skills, transparency and sound theological training emphasizing tolerance and pluralism. We’re using our global experience with intra-religious dialogue to establish a working group of key actors who can support ideals of religious tolerance and cooperation and coordinate messages about countering violent extremism.
The project brings together influential actors to form a cooperative working group focused on understanding violent extremism. The working group, The Research Institute for Islamic Studies, was established in May 2014. This is the first group in Kyrgyzstan created as a platform for members of government and law enforcement agencies, the Muslim community, and civil society leaders to discuss issues related to radicalization in the religious sphere.
This project emphasizes: